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Institutional Traders
generate immediate revenue streams

IamFX can fast track your client base into forex trading generating immediate revenue streams. Leverage our stp model and develop a mutually beneficial relationship with IamFX by offering access to the true forex market.

Referring Party Program
Referring Party Program

Bring the excitement of forex trading to your clients while you earn a steady stream of compensation for referrals. As a leading provider of forex trading services, IamFX supports a wide network of Referring Parties. We welcome the opportunity to help you expand your business and maximize your full potential. IamFX offers both turnkey and customized solutions through our wide range of products and services to meet your needs.

Diversity your Clients' Trading
Diversify your Clients' Trading

Introduce your clients to a global marketplace. The ability to trade currencies on a convenient schedule, with access to a deep liquidity pool, flexibility and buying power are benefits investors of all experience levels find very attractive. Coupled with IamFX's easy-to-use trading platforms, exceptional trader tools and resources combined with personalized customer service, you can feel confident knowing you've partnered with an industry leader.

Earn Based on Trading Volume
Earn Based on Trading Volume

IamFX offers a highly competitive fee structure that allows you to earn based on your client's trading activity, creating a new and recurring revenue stream instantly. The more clients you bring to IamFX via your affiliate link and the higher the volume your referred clients will generate trading at IamFX, the higher affiliate commission you can be earning.

Remove the Administrative Hassle
Remove the Administrative Hassle

We manage all the back office functions, providing access to real-time information. We also provide sales and back office support including efficient account setup and processing by a dedicated 24-hour operation services team.

Referring Parties with Significant Client Base
Referring Parties with a Significant Client Base

IamFX can customize any of our platforms; offering joint marketing opportunities, sales support, lead generation, online reporting, tracking tools, and much more.

Marketing Materials Marketing Materials

IamFX offers a variety of banners which you can use. Banners Page.

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