Safety of funds

In today's environment IamFX is more than ever committed to ensure a high level of protection for your Forex investments.

IamFX holds customer funds at GCM, which as a financial firm regulated by the Financial Services Commission ("FSC"), takes pride in building and maintaining a strong reputation amongst its clients and the Forex Industry by providing highest Safety of Customer funds:

1. Segregation

The funds are fully segregated into a special client bank account, which is kept separate from IamFX company funds. Your funds will not be used to pay back creditors in the event of our company's bankruptcy.

2. Bank Accounts in Tier 1 Banks

All funds are strictly maintained at the safest top tier banks such as Barclays. The company has separate bank accounts for operating funds and customer deposits. Customer funds are never commingled with company funds.

3. Regulated Liquidity Providers

Company strictly deals with regulated financial institution to execute trades, such as Citibank and Cantor Fitzgerald.

4. Constant Supervision by Management

As a company registered with the FSC, the company is required to meet strict financial standards, including capital adequacy requirements. On a daily basis, we are required to submit financial reports to show that we have more than enough funds to meet our liabilities and segregate our fees from the client pool. Deloitte & Touche will audit our annual financial reports.

5. Automated Risk Management System

Our automated matching system is designed to have every trade on a riskless principal basis. This OMS engine enables our Straight Through Processing with ultra high-speed, ultra low-latency a market-leading technology allows you trade with the market, not behind it.